7 Cheap Plumber Scams

Avoid These 7 Cheap Plumber Scams:

1. “Too Good to Be True” Pricing: If a plumber’s pricing is significantly lower than that of other plumbers, it may be a sign of a scam. Low prices could indicate subpar workmanship, poor quality materials, or hidden fees.

2. Upfront Payment: Never pay a plumber in advance unless you have a contractual agreement with a reputable plumbing company. A reputable plumber will provide you with a detailed invoice that specifies the cost of the work and the materials used.

3. Unlicensed Plumbers: Always check to see if your plumber holds a valid license before hiring them for any job. Unlicensed plumbers are not bound by legal and professional standards, and they may perform subpar work that puts your home and safety at risk.

4. Scare Tactics: Some plumbers use scare tactics to convince you that your plumbing issue is worse than it is. They may claim that your pipes are about to burst, leading to flooding and costly repairs, to get you to pay more than necessary for unnecessary services.

5. Unnecessary Repairs: Dodgy plumbers may exaggerate or create problems to force customers to pay for expensive and unnecessary repairs. Always ask for proof of the problem and get a second opinion from a reputable plumber before agreeing to any repairs.

6. Unsolicited Calls: Be wary of unsolicited phone calls from plumbers offering services. This may be a tactic used by unscrupulous companies to prey on vulnerable homeowners who may not have researched reputable plumbing services yet.

7. No Written Estimates: Always get a written estimate from your plumber before starting any work. Without a written estimate, you could be charged for services you did not agree to or for additional costs that were not disclosed upfront.

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