Plumbing Pet-Proof

Plumbing Pet-proof Tips

Here are seven tips to help make your plumbing pet-proof

1. Securely store cleaning products: Keep all cleaning products, including drain cleaners and chemicals, in cabinets or areas that are inaccessible to your pets. This will prevent them from accidentally ingesting or knocking over these potentially harmful substances.

2. Cover exposed pipes: Exposed pipes can pique your pet’s curiosity, and they may try to chew on them. Consider covering or insulating any exposed pipes to prevent your pets from causing damage or injuring themselves.

3. Protect outdoor faucets: If you have outdoor faucets, consider using outdoor faucet covers or installing anti-siphon valves to prevent pets from tampering with or damaging the faucets.

4. Monitor water bowl placement: Place your pet’s water bowl in an area where any spills or splashes will not come into contact with electrical outlets or nearby appliances. This will reduce the risk of electrical hazards and water damage.

5. Use pet-friendly landscaping: Be mindful of the plants and landscaping materials you use in your yard. Some plants can be toxic to pets if ingested and certain mulches or fertilizers can contaminate groundwater if not used properly.

6. Avoid flushing pet waste: As mentioned earlier, avoid flushing pet waste down the toilet. Instead, dispose of it properly in designated waste bins.

7. Regular grooming and hair maintenance: Regularly groom your pets to minimize excess fur and hair shedding. This can help prevent clogs in drains and pipes.

By implementing these pet-proofing measures, you can protect both your beloved pets and your plumbing system from potential hazards and damage.


Now that you have some tips to make your plumbing pet-proof, you are one-step closer toward making your home a safer place. If you are looking for a professional touch in your next plumbing project, the team at Dayton Plumbing Ltd is ready to lend a hand! To find the best solutions for your home plumbing, call us today at (905)-604-7710 or fill out a service request form on our website!