Why Shower Smell

Why Shower Smell?

If you notice an unpleasant odor in your shower or bathroom, there is likely a buildup of bacteria or organic matter somewhere. Here are some of the 5 most common reasons why your shower might smell:

1. Clogged Drain: A blocked drain can lead to stagnant water, causing foul odors to emanate through the drain.

2. Mildew or Mold Buildup: Areas of your shower with poor ventilation accumulate moisture over time and lead to mildew or mold colonization, which often produces musty-smelling odours.

3. Dirty Showerhead: A dirty showerhead may have a bacterial buildup that results in unpleasant shower smells.

4. Sewer gas: Strong sulfur-like odor like rotten eggs can indicate sewer gases that seep into the home through floor drains & air admittance valves.

5. Hard Water Buildup: Hard water minerals can deposit on the walls of the pipes and faucet, forming unsightly buildup that over time promotes bacteria growth, leading to an unwarranted shower smell.

To address odours within your shower it is necessary to clean regularly, ensure there is proper airflow and regular plumbing maintenance. For stronger smells or severe cases of standing water within the pipes, it is recommended to contact Professionals like Dayton Plumbing Services at (905)-604-7710.