top-selling tools

Top-selling tools for Plumbers

What are your current top-selling tools for plumbers right now, and why?

Some of the top-selling plumbing tools currently include:

1. Drain cleaning machines: Drain cleaning machines are typically the most popular tool for plumbers due to their efficiency in clearing blockages and handling any plumbing job size.

2. Inspection cameras: Inspect cameras are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to diagnose issues within pipes, spot potential problems before they become more serious, and provide visual feedback to clients.

3. Press-fit tools: Press-fit tools provide leak-free connections with little need for a flame or heat. This method is eco-friendly and can quickly be completed in no time.

4. Pipe cutters: Most plumbing jobs require a pipe-cutting approach, which is what makes pipe cutters one of the top tools bought by plumbers.

 5. Wrenches and pliers: These traditional hand tools are essential for a plumber and are widely used to hydraulically tighten and loosen nuts and bolts on many different types of pipes. These tools vary in functionality and serve different, yet important purposes depending upon the plumbing problem at hand. Each tool comes equipped with unique features that make them appealing, however, the best tool is often the one that is best suited for the job.