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Dayton Plumbing is one of the best Toronto Drain Services provider in the GTA, offering a range of solutions to our residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout the Ontario region!

At Dayton Plumbing Services we are proud to offer drain services along with pipe services to all of our clients
throughout the greater Toronto area. Having worked with builders and clients over the last two decades to
ensure that their plumbing pipe rough-ins and installations are of the best quality, and to use only the best
materials. Given that your drains undoubtedly make up one of the most important structural components of
your home, it is important to note that we are fully licensed and insured! In addition, we work 7 days a week
and 24 hours a day to ensure we are available for any unexpected emergency situation you may have. In
addition to our drain services, we also offer drain cleaning at the most competitive prices to all of our clients
across the GTA.

Make sure you watch out for:
1. Unresponsive drain – if water is draining very slowly from your bathtub or sinks, it may be time to schedule a
drain cleaning to get to the bottom of any clog or issue.
2. Bad odours – at Dayton Plumbing Services, we understand that people may dispose or throw a wide variety
and range of items down their drain, and this buildup combined with debris over time can cause foul odours.
This is a sure sign that you need a drain cleaning ASAP! For more information about our 24 hour emergency
plumbing services, or for any other matter, be sure to fill out our contact form or feel free to contact us right
away at (905) 604-7710.

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