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High Pressure Power Flushing

Having been in the plumbing business for over two decades, we are proud to be one of the most reliable Toronto plumbing contractors for power flushing. We understand that time is of the essence for all our residential, commercial and institutional clients- rest assured we work to get your drains cleared out so you can get back to living your life or business!

What is Power Flushing Anyway?

The first thing to understand about Power Flushing is that our goal is to clear any debris and dirt that is trapped within our drain and sewer lines. What happens is that over time all the gunk, hair, oil and debris can trap your pipes and drains, which can lead to very expensive repairs in case there is a backup or a pipe bursts. In addition to the fact that there is buildup, there is a chance of dangerous fumes building at points of blockage- making it dangerous! 

How do I know I need a power-flushing?

The most clear-cut way to know whether you need a power flushing is if you have a sewage smell or if you notice that your drains are backing up more frequently than you would like.

Our Power Flushing Process

We use a drain snake to relieve the pressure from the stuck item to release the restricted water flow. Unfortunately, even though this clears any blockage, we cannot stop there! The buildup on the walls of the drain is still something that has to be taken care of. To clear this buildup, we use a specialized nozzle that is inserted into the drain and blasts high-pressure water into the system. This ultimately helps remove the buildup and your drain is back to its original diameter and can allow water to flow through. 

It is important to keep in mind that this is by far the best method to scour away any grease or clogs entirely. Given our sewer water jet machine delivers 3,000 psi $ 12 gallons per minute- you can rest assured that we can handle any grease that a sewer snake would not be able to. In the end, you save money given the sewer will continue to function the way it should and you are less likely to replace the sewer line in the future or suffer any major structural damage that can cost you thousands!

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