Sewer and Drain Clogs

Sewer and Drain Clogs of Dayton Plumbing is one of the best Toronto solution providers in the GTA, offering a range of solutions to our residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout the Ontario region!

Sewer Clogs and Drain Clogs Solutions

Dayton Plumbing Services has been working very hard over the last 2 decades to provide the best Toronto Sewer and Drain Clogs solution to all of our residential homeowners as well as our commercial and institutional partners.

One of the most common emergency or phone calls we get is when clogs and debris build up in the pipes of homes and buildings. It is important to note that this build-up over time can cause hazardous effects to our health so you do want to make sure it is handled and taken care of very quickly.

So What Exactly Causes a Drain Clog?

The biggest culprit in our decades of experience is the combination of hair, muck and general debris can over time cause drain clogs to form in kitchens, bathrooms and even toilets. We always encourage clients to avoid flushing toilet paper or heavy material as it can cause clogs over time. In addition, one of the biggest culprits is when undergoing any sort of construction or renovation, DO NOT ALLOW CONTRACTORS TO DISPOSE OF THEIR MATERIALS IN YOUR DRAIN

Dealing with Toronto Sewer Clogs

Toronto Sewer Clogs are a little bit different in how they arise compared to Drain Clogs.

These reasons include but are not exclusive to:

Soil Settlement – This can cause a sewer line to sag over time and sometimes soil or ground conditions can be so bad that you have a negative slope- or a situation where sewage or waste is not disposed of properly and can cause a backup in your home

Tree Roots – Given the fact that previously our sewer lines were not made with as sustainable and strong materials, tree roots may grab hold or surround your pipe- causing it to burst.

Other reasons may also include flushing large objects and greasy things down your drains!

Either way, it’s important to note that whether it’s a Drain Clog or a Sewer Clog, we are available 24/7 to be there for you to take care of any issues with the best service and quality work!

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Sewer and Drain Clogs

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