Backwater Valve + Backflow Preventer Services

Backwater Valve Services of Dayton Plumbing is one of the best Toronto providers in the GTA, offering a range of solutions to our residential, commercial and institutional clients throughout the Ontario region!

Toronto Back Water Valve + Backflow Preventer Services

We, at Dayton Plumbing Services Toronto, understand that basement flooding and emergencies happen. This is what we have built our customer’s trust on over the past two decades given our highly-rated work, and top-notch customer service. With this being said, it is often said that defense is the best type of offense- which is why we are proud to offer Toronto Back Water Valve and Backflow Preventer Services to all of our clients in the Greater Toronto Area. 

A Backwater Valve is your most important tool as a homeowner in protecting your most important asset, or your home from a sewage backup. If water from the street or main sewer line is given a chance to pass into your basement or home, it can cause up to 100,000$+ in damages and destroy your basement in minutes. 

Given the amount of rainfall or extreme weather we have faced in Ontario and specifically the Greater Toronto Region over the past decade or so in combination with the effects of global warming, you could find yourself in a situation where if there is a severe rain storm or floods, the main sewer line from the city can start backing up. 

In addition, we offer all of our clients installation services of Backflow Preventers. These devices, work as a safety valve and prevent dirty water from contaminating and mixing with the city water supply for your use. Like the Backwater Valve, this only allows water to flow in a single direction, helping protect your home.

Backwater Valve Services

Using these two devices in combination is the perfect prevention tool so we encourage all homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area to seek Toronto Back Water Valve and Backflow Preventer Services as soon as possible!

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