Kitchen and Bathroom Clogs Solution

Dayton Plumbing Services Toronto is your go to Toronto Kitchen Clog and Bathroom Clog solution provider in the Greater Toronto Area. We respond to calls 24 / 7 to make sure all of our clients are taken care of!

Kitchen and Bathroom Clogs Solution

At Dayton Plumbing Services, we know disaster in your kitchen and bathroom can strike at any time of the day and any time during the year. This is why we are proud to be your go to Toronto Kitchen Clogs and Toronto Bathroom Clogs solution for all our commercial, residential and institutional clients.

Dealing with a Clogged Kitchen Sink

This is probably on of the most common phone calls we receive on a regular basis from disgruntled and upset clients, as a clogged kitchen sink Toronto can cause a lot of financial damages and headaches. Rest assured, our team will be there with solutions ranging from Drain Snaking Toronto, Drain Cleaning, and more! With the most up to date technology and skillset, there is a reason our clients rate our work so highly.

Preventing Kitchen and Bathroom Sink Clogs

Here are a few steps and notes you can take to keep your Kitchen Drains healthy and flowing easily, and to prevent any kitchen sink clogs Toronto.

Be careful with your Garburators- Given the rise in homeowners installing garburators in all their kitchen sinks to help dispose of waste better, one of the biggest issues we see is that they are used improperly. Please refrain from relying on the Garburator to dump bones and heavy residue, which belong in your compost!

Avoid Pouring Grease / Oil Products – On at least 2-3 Kitchen Sink Clogs a month, we see clogged kitchen sinks or kitchen sinks draining slowly because homeowners are insistent on pouring heavy cooking oil and grease down their sink!

Installing a Hair Guard – In addition to disposing of any hair correctly, if you are going to brush or take care of any hair, you want to make sure you install a sink hair catcher in any bathroom sink. Furthermore, all your new shower drains must have a a hair/debris catcher to prevent your drains being clogged by heavy soap, shampoo and any other liquids!

With all these tips being said, we are more than happy to inspect your Toronto Kitchen Clogs or Toronto Bathroom Sink Clogs to assess any repairs or recommendations to your problems.

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